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GH chinook stocks are routinely being fished at total exploitation rates exceeding 70%. Bank on it.

Here's what Willapa Bay looks like for hatchery kings over the past 10 fully reconstructed brood years...

Catch + escapement = total adult production.

7388 + 4983 = 12371

Exploitation rate = catch/production = 7388/12371 = 60%
Escapement rate = escapement/production = 4983/12371 = 40%

Within the pool of harvested fish, 59% of the take occurs PRE-terminal (not per-terminal)... as in BEFORE the first king is taken at Washaway..... only 41% of the take occurs in the bay itself, the lion's share of it taken by the gillnets by a factor of roughly 8:1 (7.97)

And the in-basin rec share? (Yeah, it's that skinny little orange slice of the pie) Less than 5% of total exploitation (4.56%)
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