Hijacked and C&P this as Saturday is the day for everyone to let the commission know how they feel about the GHMP redo!

This Saturday at 9:00 am the Fisheries Commission will hear a report and take public input concerning the Grays Harbor Management Plan. Directions and the agenda are in the web site below (note that this is at the Comfort Inn and not WDFW):

The Draft plan can be found at: http://wdfw.wa.gov/commission/meetings/2013/12/dec0613_14_policy_proposal.pdf

This is a good meeting to attend to show recreational support for the direction of fishing in Grays Harbor. At our meeting Tuesday night we discussed some potential issues that could be worth your effort to comment about. These were: 1)Accountability for meeting escapement, 2) Economic loss resulting from commercial fishing, 3) No need for three commercial fishing groups in Grays Harbor, and 4) Modeling efforts to harvest the last theoretical fish. There are many others, your input is important for the future direction of Grays Harbor fisheries.
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