Couple of things folks have questions about. As to Grays Harbor the simple fact is nobody knows for sure on the QIN or NT net schedules. First the QIN have not posted it and WDF&W has not come an agreement with the QIN on the 2014 seasons. Best guess here is about the same as last year. While some may think they know, the simple fact is until WDFW files a CR 102 for the NT Commercial season nobody will know for sure just what the days / dates are. As to the situation regarding Humptulips Wild Coho numbers way below escapement thus hitting some critical directives in the new Commission Guidelines yes / no / say what is around? It is a interesting as to how Region Manager Steve Theisfeld resolves this bit and stays out of court.

In the July issue of the Reel News has a guest editorial by the U of W on the conflict between Rec and Commercial fisheries in Willapa Harbor on page 4. It is a good read and for folks who would like a copy the Reel News provided us a PDF of the issue to send to folks. So if you would like a electronic copy PM me and I will send it to you. Also on Page 3 is a letter to the editor outlining the process utilized which is a really good read.

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