From the Willapa thread as both Harbors are linked so a dual posting.

Was asked to explain a bit why Willapa is important. Well first if you do not separate commercial fishers by race or ethnicity both Willapa & Grays Harbor are managed about the same. No tribal in Willapa over 80% of the fish to commercial. Qin + Chehalis + NT nets = the same over 80% to GH commercial fisheries. The courts mandated 50% of the harvest to tribal fisheries in GH, no discussion, but the courts did not mandate over 80% of the harvestable fish to commercial fisheries. That is WDF&W and might I add I know of no place where the local communities have been bullied, ignored, just plain s--- on by WDF&W like Willapa.

Second up is WDF&W uses a completely fabricated mortality mix in the numbers to empower the commercial fleet in GH and Willapa. This thing where someone decides this is it, this is what we will use for mortality numbers with just plain zero relevance to reality needs to stop and right damn now! As luck would have it Willapa is first up this year.

From Swanson & Young in BC to Ashcroft in Willapa studies have shown that ain't no way no how that Chinook encountering a gillnet and then released survive at 55%. It they may be that 55% ( 45% mortality ) barely alive going over the side when released by the netters but the vast vast majority do not make maturity and spawn. It is no different for tangle nets with the unbelievable near 75% ( 25 % mortality ) WDF&W claims. Hell folks GH was where broodstocking Chinook with tangle nets was developed and then abandoned for one reason, MORTALITY.

Third is in both Harbors the models WDF&W is using are incorrect and they know it. It is intentionally disregarded in R-6 madness to comply with the old adage " the only good fish is a dead fish, on the dock, in a tote, and sold " . You put the definition on it but what do you call it when and individual stands in front of a roomful of citizens and proceeds to out line a course of action that he or she knows intentionally misleading, factually false, and intended to disguise the true end results. My Mom pretty much had a definition for that particular conduct when I was a kid and tried it which resulted in me getting my butt seriously kicked.

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