The A-HA moment is near! This element of the Willapa Management Plan is the least understood but ultimately extremely important. It is not a "silver bullet " but rather a tool that allows you to more less develop a plan around the hatchery / wild / harvest thing. Last meeting of the AD HOC WDFW Staff let all know that Andy Appleby would be at the next meeting to explain the AHA model but it is my understanding that they are running a little late in getting it done with Willapa Data inputted. So here is the abstract and if one wants it just goggle Fishery A-HA or e mail me and I will send it to you.

Abstract.—The All-H Analyzer (AHA model) is a tool that allows salmon managers to simultaneously evaluate the impact that habitat restoration (or degradation), changes in fisheries, or changes in hatchery operation would have on a specific fish population or stock. This paper presents the (idealized) results of how AHA can be used to set a long-term salmon restoration, recovery, and fishery plan. It takes the process from initial goal setting, through exploring how those goals can be evaluated by AHA, and then how they can be accomplished. The results of implementation of various options are evalu­ated with AHA both in terms of “numerical” escapement to the spawning grounds, the amount and direction of gene flow, and the number of fish harvested. In this way, activi­ties can be prioritized, planned, carried out, and evaluated against an expected response. It is also possible to evaluate “what-if” scenarios to better plan multiple activities within a watershed.

The AHA model is an outgrowth of the work of the Hatchery Scientific Review group in Washington, including J. Scott, C. Busack, P. Seidel, L. Mobrand, D. Camp­ton, C. Mahnken, T. Flagg, and T. Evelyn. Special thanks to L. Mobrand who not only developed the actual spreadsheet model, but also constantly refined the model, its outputs, and displays to more clearly develop options and present results.

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