I think you got it FF. Think last year and stay there with your thoughts. Our fish are stagers and always do ( that is the easy part ) but where that is something else. Coho I have seen and hooked are straight out of the ocean white silver in color, they are moving slowly on tides and pretty much just plain in no hurry. These fish do not spawn until mid November so they will keep moving to someplace and stop, ah someplace. A spurt of hatchery Coho have been hanging out but not many wild in that group I was told.

Chinook are not staging nearly as much as one would hope for. Hard to judge the bay but above the 101 bridge they are not stopping in the mid and lower tide water at all. Every fish I have hooked and got a look at could have been on a Westport charter boat. So we are going to be fishing the flow as they go by and that can be a bit of a bitch. So you inriver guys know the drill. It is going to be all about finding where they are staging up and getting to the new arrivals as success drops the longer the fish is parked right to lock jaw time.
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in