The final ( well kinda ) 2016 Commercial Grays Harbor seasons were filed but with changes WDF&W had to do a supplemental CR 102. There were changes in the 2C Commercial seasons. To save reading here are the changes.

This attachment summarizes changes made since the filing of the original CR-102 that was filed as WSR 16-11-102. These changes were made based on public input received and a review of season structure and management objectives within Grays Harbor.

Catch Area 2C:
 Adjustment to days scheduled in week 43, October 17th and 18th, to 12-hour opens.
 Allow the retention of unmarked Coho during openings in week 43,, October 17th and
18th, and during openings in week 45, October 30th and 31th

Timing on hours chaned but that was a relatively small thing to be honest. The retain Wild Coho thing when the Rec have to release will and has some screaming on the Rec side. ( no idea what the Commercials think or if they do think ) So this, do a phony release thing with a paper mortality number that we all know is pure 100% U.S.A made BS or they fish to they get their impact number and off the water. Some ( including myself suggested ) this change. I think R-6 got it right as accountability outweighs by a mile the need for a REC fishers perception that this somehow is unfair because they cannot retain unclipped fish. That impact number was there even if the Commercial did the live box release fiasco just now the numbers will be real, or as close as one can get them.


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