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There are, to mw, two aspects of this situation. While you can't blame the current folks like Larry for what happened in the past, he (the Royal He) must be responsible for explaining why it happened and assuring folks it won't happen again.

There are too many times (ask Rivrguy) where WDF/WDG/WDFW has made a commitment in that watershed and then the gone back on it. The new guy says "that wasn't me, don't bring it". It might not have been you, but if you don't come through you are perpetuating the problem.

The locals who have been working on Wynoochee or any other of a myriad of projects there (and probably statewide) know the history better than WDFW-who seems to not want to even recognize it.

Well, we'll see how Larry handles it at the meeting, have those questions ready, I'll talk to him later today to tell him to be prepared.