As promised, I sent this letter a few moments ago to Director Susewind and Chair Carpenter:

Director Susewind, Chair Carpenter,

I am writing you to express concern on the planned appointment of Mr. Ron Warren to the position of Director of Fish Policy.

Although the job description is not yet public, the title indicates that Mr. Warren will be assuming a larger leadership role in the process of Co-management and the crafting of negotiations and agreements which ultimately become policy and law.

As you recognized a need to better the relationships with your constituents I thought I would take a moment as your constituent to relay how your announcement of appointing Mr. Warren to a Directorship was received by many in the community.

Frankly, the response has been greatly negative.

At a time when the Department is in litigation for violations of both the Open Public Meetings Act, and the Administrative Procedures Act for actions in the North of Falcon process (NOF), the promotion of Mr. Warren, who oversee’s the NOF seems untimely if not reckless.

The crafting of the Ten Year Chinook Salmon Management plan, which Mr. Warren was lead in, was done behind the backs of the Commission and the public, and is still fresh on the minds of those you're asking to support this decision.

Unfortunately, over his tenure, Mr. Warren has earned a very poor track record and reputation with the recreational population at large. Frankly, he is not trusted.

I’m sure there are some within the advisory groups that will chime in support for Mr. Warren, and I do not wish to condemn their support. I just wanted to bring to your attention how a great many of the “Joe Fishermen” feel about your decision regarding Mr. Warren.

We do believe you are looking forward, and want to lead the Department into better times, and you are well supported in this effort. We hope you consider taking the pulse of the citizen sportsmen as part of the plan.

With respect,
"Forgiveness is between them and God. My job is to arrange the meeting."

1Sgt U.S. Army (Ret)