With the Chehalis now being opened I thought I would share some things. To the ones who ask " what h--- are you going to do about this ? " Lord folks I am not in big guys good graces to be able to wave a magic wand. I will say this, they really pi---- me off this time. For those in the upper basin & twin cities I am going do everything I can to see this charade does not happen again. For those of you that want to just go back to the time the locals just ignored Montesano & Olympia and pretty much set their own seasons, please don't but may I say I don't blame you for feeling that way. This is not the past where WDF&W set 90% of the harvest within 5 miles of Aberdeen and the GHMP guarantees the upper basin a fair share of harvest.

What the GHMP cannot do is protect you folks from agency stupidity. I and others are working to try and create some change the insure this does not happen again so hang in there but don't be shy let the Director & Commission know how you feel.

I received this e mail from a gentleman in the twin cities and I think he captures the utter frustration the folks in the Chehalis Basin have with WDF&W.

I read your articles often. Saavy. Iím a 63 yr old who owns and has lived on the Chehalis River all my life and have never seen such lousy absurd idiotic so called running/ruining of our fishery for decades by WDFW. Or in other words. Washington Department of Failure and Waste! Sooo simple to fix the problem of not enough fish. BAN all gill nets, run effective small hatcheries, limit sea lions, and well, cant do much about tribes . I canít believe that when my grandkids come over and want to go sit on our beach on our 30 acres farm in Chehalis by the golf course to fish for bass or chub, etc with a worm and bobber that I have to tell them no because our lousy wdfw closed it and wonít take responsibility for that being their fault from years of stupidity on ruining the best fishing potential in the US! I canít even relax on my 30 acre farm and have neighbors come down for a fun visit evening of catch chubs or bass this year!!! Why do I even buy a license! Iím also a CCA committee member and am in disbelief at what our politics do to end fishing!! Running out of time and energy to fix such a problem with simplistic ease. Thanks for your work. I just wish someone would think about helping the fish and be able to fish.
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in