If I didn't have a boat, and could walk and stand......I'd be somewhere around Fuller Bridge and on the river that just opened today. The past 3-4 days, the hatchery silvers have been on the move past Monty, past the pump houses, up in the flats. Lots of people, guides, some caught fish but lots of "non-biters".

Crappy tides, for me, and no rain has me talking to myself. As stated above, lots of "good fishermen" are just practicing casting, catching slow, so are not going to have to worry about buying a 2nd punch card.

Oh, if you enjoy fishing "jacks", and have some good eggs, find some fast water....go for it, size this year is on the small size but they eat and smoke good, and something is better than nothing!!!!

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"Worse day sport fishing, still better than the best day working"

"I thought growing older, would take longer"