Plan, model, guess........This has been a year of "low water", "high water", then lots of water.....Gill nets had a chance to be in at scheduled times---NT and QIN chose not to fish at certain times, WHEN THEY COULD HAVE !!!

This is a year of "if you're not fishing, for whatever reason" probably missed out !!!!!

We'll not really ever know if the run size was, low, regular, or high. WDFW does monitor a few NT boats, for hatchery vs. wild but don't think the QIN does anything, record keeping wise, about hatchery and wild numbers.

We know what a joke sports numbers are....

1. Data takes a least a year to compile

2. Less than 50% of the punch cards are returned.

At some point, some report will be released but how accurate....that's anyone's guess.

One thing for sure....11/20/2017....Seahawks are on Monday night football......Go Hawks !!!!!!!!

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