You see the thing that is idiotic, is we make chinook THE recreational priority, then switch prodution around that the only place we can access them effectively is on the nemah river (even there it is pay to play).

Its just dumb. the rec's were sold a bill of goods.

All of this to try and protect wild chinook when they are genetically indistinguishable from the hatchery stocks.

The problem with WB is that we're focused on very marginal chinook habitat and tyring to do recovery there. We should be focused on real chinook streams like the chehalis.

WDFW spins its wheels worrying about mid hood canal or the stilly when it comes to chinook. What about the real chinook rivers (skagit, snohomish, chehalis, columbia, the snake.

I think we should focus our limited efforts and resources on rivers with the hyrdology and potential habitat to maybe support chinook through the coming climate changes were facing. Instead we focus on streams that maybe supported small distinct wild stocks pre settlement, but with modern habitat issues they clearly cannot make a go of it. Throw in a little local warming and its a recipe for failure.
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