You know I am not so sure of the loophole but rather total disregard of Commission policy. Staff would have to be both blind & deaf not be able to read the GHMP and understand the verbiage in the GHMP. It is direct and rather straight forward. So Eric I think I will go with total disregard of Commission directives but only because there was not a loophole unless one regards staff back conduct as a loophole. Ah .............. then again maybe staff regard no consequences for bad conduct as a loophole. Good point! My thoughts have been sent to the Commission and are below.

Commissioners below is the text of a post I made on a bulletin board. Simply put Commissioners Region 6 flagrantly violated the section of the Grays Harbor Management Plan outlined below. I regard it as a serious breach of trust that needs to be addressed. I am sure in the near future you will get many reasons why this happened but my response will be simple. It should never happened in the first place and if this conduct continues it will cast doubt on the validity of the Commission.

Well just when you think things a moving along you get a ringer. Guess what guys? WDF&W violated the three net free day rule in the Chehalis. I have spoken to Region 6 (R6 ) Manager Steve Theisfeld and he immediately accepted responsibility or fell on the sword if you will. That Mr. Theisfeld has staff issues is well known but frankly it is the fact that it even happened that is so offensive. It simply shows that inside Region 6 District 17 we have a long way to go to get a group of individuals that actually follow rules and direction. The issue was missed because R6 provided the combined schedules in the model then changed the schedule in the CR 103 without saying a bloody word to anyone. So much for trust.

Oh yeah almost forgot I did not catch the screw up but rather figured out the details. Credit the inriver fishers stuck behind 6 & seven days a week gillnets in past years. They count and it was not adding up and they started yipping away! Good job guys.

From the GHMP:
Page 3 Item 8

Recreational and WFDW-managed commercial fisheries shall be structured (e.g., schedule, location, gear) to minimize gear and other fishery conflicts. WDFW-managed commercial gillnet fisheries in a fishing area or aggregate area (i.e., Area 2A/2B/2D; or Area 2C) shall be scheduled, if possible, so that in any given calendar week there are a minimum of three consecutive days when no treaty or state-managed commercial fisheries occur. If the treaty fishery occurs 4 or more days in a calendar week, no WDFW-managed commercial fishery shall occur in the remaining days of the week

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