My problem with the policy is that it was always all about preserving commercial opportunity while halfheartedly trying to meet conservation goals. The fact is its going to fail on all fronts. No meaningful commercial fishery (no big loss in my book), and a probable ESA listing resulting in no saltwater rec fishery.

We could have done everything the same, but skipped switching primaries and we'd be in so much better shape today, not to mention an additonal 2+ chinook generations towards a more adapted wild stock in the naselle. In hindsight, that it was a mistake is so glaringly obvious now.

As for fishing the south bay, I'm in, but it seems like a windmill to me.

Over the past decade, I've spent decent chunks of 4 tides south of the ledbetter/goose point line with no fish to show for it. That said its a big area, but many areas are unfishable due to high currents and bad weeds though. The weeds can be unreal even by WB standards. Maybe there are good pockets to fish, but I don't think there is anything like the 2T/2U stretch in the south bay.
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