Here is where I think my & others starting point is on if a stock is segregated or integrated. The definition is pretty much black & white with no gray type thing, or maybe, or what if. It is a interesting thing that needs to be addressed as my understanding is the purpose of the Willapa Plan redo is to actually follow the rules and not say one thing ( comply with HSRG ) then go do something else. Staff may have something in the mix I am not aware of but I tend to doubt it.

From HSRG June 2004 HSRG/WDFW/NWIFC Technical Discussion Paper #1: Integrated Hatchery Programs June 21, 2004.

Formal Definition: A hatchery program is a Segregated Type if the intent is for the hatchery population to represent a distinct population that is reproductively isolated from naturally-spawning populations.

Formal Definition: A hatchery program is an Integrated Type if the intent is for the natural environment to drive the adaptation and fitness of a composite population of fish that spawns both in a hatchery and in the wild.
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in