Doc pretty much got it right on. Thing about the GHMP is two things really drive allocation. 4/3 which means three net free days in a calendar week net free. No seven days a week netting with the combined tribal and NT Commercial. Refereed to as the "penalty box" 3/5 is if you fail to make escapement three out of 5 years no targeted fisheries on that species. ( state side ) We have missed Chinook escapement 4 out of the last 5 so no targeted Chinook fishery.

As much as I dislike 3/5 it is sad to say it is necessary. It is the only tool to hold staff accountable and just as importantly make US the Rec fisher pay attention and stay involved. Don't like the penalty box? Then make your feelings known to the Commission on the need for them to pressure staff to actually do their job and manage to make escapement. In recent years both WDF&W & the QIN have just set seasons and put it on auto pilot, no inseason monitoring just plain nothing. Well almost as one year a Rec Adviser pointed out the bay fishery was getting more fishing pressure than anticipated so they shut down the Rec bay. Come to find out in documents obtained in a PDR staff had ZERO data other than the concerns expressed by the Adviser.

Additionally a gentleman who was monitoring the bay fishery on his own as a volunteer just in case this happened confirmed the increased pressure. The other side? He reported while effort was up catch was way down per angler and below modeled impacts.

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