Lord, it is somewhere back in this thread but the proposed I assume your talking about is what was modified in the rules GH Commercial CR 102 on March 6th that was modified to the current CR 102 Supplemental which has to go through the formal process and be voted on by the Commission. http://wdfw.wa.gov/about/regulations/development.html#13-01-064 In written comments submitted at the hearing in Monte Tuesday the agency must respond to ALL citizen comments on the record to legal standards ( no smoke & mirrors ) in the required Concise Statement BEFORE the Commission can vote. Once the Commission votes off to the Code reviser and it becomes a WAC then 31 days for a citizen to legally challenge any or all the WAC before it becomes law.

It is a process that governs fisheries in GH & Willapa not the Dog & Pony show NOF.

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