Oh I did not back up to 2000 as it is irrelevant with the production movement in the past decade. My point is at two places. 2009 when HSRG became mandated & 2010 when the former plan went into effect. Naselle primary would only have gotten the 10% differential for straying between primary and contributing. As to the 90% reduction, nah but it will be different to be sure. Then your good days had the inriver behind wall to wall nets with punitive season setting. So if all one gives a whack about is the 2T fishery it is ouch time to a degree a bit down the road. U in the long run should balance out. The freshwater seasons are the best in years and they were part and parcel of the process. The Rec should have good access to N with the later start of the nets as they do not get in much early time without burning NOR impacts.

You know not to beat a dead horse but HSRG is about rules one has to comply with. Staff could not have changed much as to Forks Cr because it does not have the ability to stop straying. They will have the same issue in Naselle Coho also as that weir comes out on or about Oct. 15 so the fish run past. So if ones thoughts are more fish for me and HSRG is BS I want to kill fish in my favorite fishery, your right you loose. If ones goal was a conservation driven management plan you and the fish win. I am in the second one as for me the fish come first.

Another thing is the entire matrix was with average ocean survival when it drops ( which it will ) the commercial fleet will have problems staying on the water without blowing the NOR numbers in a NY moment.

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