From R - 6 update.

I want to let everyone know that there may be a need to adjust the schedule or regulation next week to the Grays Harbor State managed commercial fishery depending on the results of this Sunday’s and Monday’s fisheries. To update you all, there were two State managed commercial fishery openings this week, one five-hour the other four-hour, Sunday and Wednesday. The attached in a quick summary of the numbers. The total NOR Chinook impacts was predicted to be 60 fish for this week. Data shows an estimated 70 NOR Chinook impacts for this week, so we are close for Chinook. This is based on on-board monitoring, the proportion of NOR Chinook to Coho encounters. The Chum catch was predicted to be 7 fish for this week. The actual catch was about 1,200 Chum. The caveat here is the harvest rate used to predict this week’s Chum harvest only uses a couple data points. In recent past, State managed commercial fisheries didn’t occur during week 42, so there isn’t a lot of data for catch predictions. The Tribal data has more points to look at. Looking at historical Tribe catch during this particular week definitely shows that this is the week that historical catch of Chum starts to just up. I also want to let you know that Chum are showing up in good numbers in spawning ground index reaches. So, with that said, depending on what we see in the fishery Sunday and Monday, we may be directed to make a change to the fishery later in the week. This is just a “heads-up” there may be fisheries adjustments. Also, I’d like to note that tribal catch has been requested for this week.

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