Gonna start a list of my objections here... edit and add to it as I go. Anyone can feel free to copy/paste for their own public comments that they wish to submit.

Page 3, item 8) That nasty word "aggregated" was suck in there. Needs to be stricken.

Page 4 and 7 and 11, in reference to impact cap of 20%.... must be limited to 14% in ANY of the alternatives A/B/C. The commission has already seen the pitfall of adopting 20%.... it simply CANNOT fulfill the intended conservation objective of the policy. The commission understands 20% is a recipe for certain failure... so much that they planted a 14% rate in the interim policy for 2015. Adopting 20% can only be seen as a step backward in moving the conservation agenda forward.


OK ... holy krap! Two more alternatives (D/E) since the last draft. Alternatives A/B/C should just be taken off the table since they all propose an irresponsible 20% harvest rate. D/E have no transition period and jump straight to the 14% rate in the first year.

Will review D/E side by side against the rest of the A/B/C options.


OK, I put A and D up side by side in two windows, same size/font, and they are identical EXCEPT for the elimination of the 20% transitional phase-in during the first 4 years. Willapa Primary and Naselle undesignated with a 'pie in the sky' ramp up to 3.3 million chinook production.
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