Well here is the next meeting for Willapa and it is the public input portion of the NOF process. Now considering the bomb that WDF&W dropped in scrapping the so called Willapa Management Plan at the Adviser meeting and implementing new objectives it might be a meeting to attend. There is a lot of doubt out in the public as WDF&W outlined commercial cut backs but not the rec. Word is the gillnetters are out recruiting Rep Blake & Senator Hatfield to stop any reform or reduction in commercial net seasons. Several folks are trying to get the agency to put forth a meeting notice and a copy of the new Willapa Objectives for the public to review but so far WDF&W has refused to do so.

Please folks recognize it is not accidental as they are conducting business as usual out of sight no input no nothing. It would appear WDF&W and Region 6 have not learned a damn thing in the past two years. One would think if your going to have a auction ( hidden influence ) on the citizens salmon seasons they would at least let everyone know the starting bid.

Willapa Bay NOF Public Workshop #1
(APA record testimony to immediately follow)
March 25th 6 pm to 8 pm Raymond Elks
APA Process Review Forecast
Management Objectives Management Plan Implementation Fishery suggestions

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