fish limit on the Satsop again this year? Even with how large the 99% hatchery early run (September-october) was?

I called the local WDFW office, spoke with wardens and "Biologists" this last year. I have been fishing the satsop since I was 4 years old for coho on the Satsop. I told them that I have never seen an early run like I had this last year. Even some of the old timers agreed. With the one fish and done limit, I found myself handing my rod off a lot. Bringing friends who are new to fishing, just to punch more fish. Its a waste of time, money and energy when a guy can show up, chuck a bait of eggs one or two times and leave. At least with a two or three fish limit it makes worth my time. I live close, but still.

Is there any real reason why they wont come out to some of the bank spots and/or wait at the launches to see simply "how good the fishin' is". I mean they have a bunch of fish counters, use them. They could have raised the limit to two fish from September-October and probably barely made a difference in escapement. I handed my rod off one day about 15 times. Most of those fish went home. I feel no remorse whatsoever. As I shouldn't.