Recently WDF&W provided documents regarding the recent reduction in Natural Origin Recruits ( NOR / Wild ) Chinook for streams entering Grays Harbor approved by PFMC. Boiled down this is for the Humptulips and Chehalis Basins and is for the accumulative total of both. WDF&W's position and Commission directive that separates the Humptulips and Chehalis Basins for harvest has not been recognized by the Quinault Nation so we have a issue that needs resolution. Dry reading to be sure but for those that choose to monitor the scientific rational for decisions that effect the salmon resource in Grays Harbor the documents are informative. One thing about it is that the reduction was not conservation driven but rather established a new Maximum Sustained Yield ( MSY ) for Chinook stocks. As the PFMC document is rather long I cannot post it up so if anyone wants a copy PM me and I will send it on to you.
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