Had a little jump in PM as how this happened / what can we do? As to what just happened, WDF&W R 6 posted the Willapa landings after inquiries this weekend about why they weren't posted. http://wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/commercial/salmon/landings.html As of Sept. 22nd, the nets have landed and sold to buyers 13,551 hatchery Chinook.

The model shows shows WDFW had anticipated 8,047 net impacts and 3,015 Rec impacts (Marine & FW combined) for a season total for both user groups of 13,512. The commercial nets at this point are 5,504 over the predicted net impact at this point exceed and exceed the entire anticipated impact of both Rec and net seasons in the model for the entire year and we still have a way to go.

"Hughes, Kirt M (DFW)" <Kirt.Hughes@dfw.wa.gov> is the Fish Program Manager that filed a declaration in the court case stating he could make an "inseason adjustment" if the commercial season began to overfish and undermine the escapement goals. I'd suggest he be reminded of his assurance and CC the at commission@dfw.wa.gov

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