As a rule information I obtain in a PDR is made available to all with the only exception of ah .......... how about personal disagreements between staff. As one of the individuals in my previous post is part of this e mail attachment I felt it was relevant. In addition the actions of the staff in questions really do affect the Rec & Commercial users & the fish I felt this should not be held back but made public.

From: Ashbrook, Charmane E (DFW)
To: Mcclellan, Barbara A (DFW)
Subject: Work plan


This email is to clarify my understanding of what you agreed to work on during our discussion yesterday afternoon.

1. Read and respond to emails (and I hope you will also read and respond to phone calls and mail correspondence, though we did not discuss it)

2. Visit Tokeland to research where we can place the head collection freezer and Voluntary Trip Report forms; as discussed, we need a space with an electrical outlet and the owner’s agreement for us to use the outlet. Report to me what you find and your recommendations. By the way, I spoke with Curt Holt this morning and he suggested we use a combination lock where the combination can be changed. Curt also offered to find out what a freezer costs to run per month so that we can offer to pay that amount.

3. Schedule the fish friendly class for commercial fishers in Willapa Bay and Grays Harbor as needed, teach the class, and report back to me the dates you will teach the class and afterward, the number of people that attended.

4. Write a draft advisory announcement for both Willapa Bay and Grays Harbor and email it to myself and Kirt for review (Kirt will pass it to Ron for review). After we have ok-ed it, send it out. Develop a selection process with input from myself and Kirt Hughes, then notify people if they have been selected or not, and let me know when this task has been completed.

As mentioned in my email that was sent yesterday to Kirt and Ron with a cc to you, you are refusing to work on any large (longer than a day) projects and will only work on short term projects that you agree to do. You stated that this is because you are waiting for Ron to provide you with a list of your work tasks for the year. I appreciate your candor and the time you spent discussing the commercial fishery and steelhead management with me yesterday afternoon.
Thank you also for dropping by a hard copy of the commercial gillnet observer sheet. It is clear that you have a lot of knowledge about these projects and it is unfortunate that you will not be participating. Please also be clear that your refusal to do work assigned by me constitutes a refusal to complete assigned work from your chain of command. –Your insistence that Ron make the decisions about work tasks and provide you with a list of your and my work duties is akin to if I were to demand from Jo Wadsworth or Jim Scott that they provide to me a list of both my and my supervisor’s duties.

Because you refuse to work on these projects, including working with me to divvy out tasks and setting up a boat for the Grays Harbor on board observing, and because the work is high priority, I will be the lead for the commercial sampling and steelhead management, and I will keep my supervisor, Kirt, up-to-date on the progress, including strategies and employee needs to get this work accomplished without an area biologist. For example, I have asked Rick Ereth to work on setting up a boat for the Grays Harbor on board observing during the month of July and I am planning a meeting with Rick and Curt to discuss how we can most efficiently accomplish the commercial sampling this year. I do not know what work (other than the four tasks listed above) you will be doing, but hopefully we can find something you will agree to do when I return from vacation on July 7th. I also want to be very clear that your decision to refuse my direction fits under “refusing to perform assigned tasks or actions” that was discussed with you in your Expectation Memo on February 9, 2011. This memo further states that you are expected to “… complete assigned work from your chain of command, ” and, “Please be aware that failure to meet these expectations can result in disciplinary action, including suspension, demotion, and termination.”
Finally, please be aware that your refusal to follow direction from your chain of command will be discussed in your annual and interim reviews on July 12th.

Respectfully, Charmane
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in