Let us try and air something out a bit. Below are the definitions from HSRG on stream classifications. Two lines of thought are out and about on the issue so let us use this as a starting point.

When I worked on the Grays Harbor HSRG the stream classifications were supposed to be applied for what the stream currently is and historically was.

What the HSRG uses: (LCRSRP);
Primary—biologically significant, core, key, highly viable, important to recovery. Historically were a large segment of the population structure. Need to be at low risk of extinction.
Contributing– of some significance, are viable but lower in abundance than Primary. Contribute to diversity.
Stabilizing—a population, but may not have ever been a large segment of the population structure.

Now some take a different view. You apply what stream classification you desire for a particular stream and manage to that requirement.

With this interpretation theoretically in Willapa you could assign stabilizing to all streams but the Naselle and harvest away on the rest and pretty much do the natural production under as stabilizing is a very low bar. This is also were segregated comes in as no restrictions apply just harvest away.

This issue of just what the interpretation of HSRG is rather important and I think contentious. Thoughts anyone?
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in