Not sure Curt but I will look around. The thing folks miss with the gillnetters claim that illegal private hatcheries are the source of the North River Chinook is pretty much delusional and why some in the REC community run around braying that [Bleeeeep!] is something well past hard to understand. The simple fact is that most folks have ZERO idea of survival rates. Unfed or some feed time fry have almost zero survival. Now you can get around that by rearing to about 150 fry to the lb, correct brood, and planting sites that are in ideal habitat but it is almost impossible to get enough eggs of that quality outside the Chehalis Basin.

SaSI was done quite a ways back prior to the implementation of that ridiculous piece of crap management plan R-6 put together under Ron Warren and Kirt Hughes. Also before the use of selective fishing ( which is selective in name only and a farce ) with few observers and the Region 6 staffer charged with the Commercials and never seeing a near death or dead fish come in to the boat in a commercial gillnet that needed to be revived. Willapa salmon harvest management, be it Commercial or Rec, is nearing to point that the local communities could loose a lot of the hatchery production in the near future.

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