Last year that is what they did and blew escapement on both Chum and Chinook. Foregone opportunity has been utilized by both the state and QIN. Years back it was the threat by the QIN of doing just that if the R6 did not allow inriver Recs to have a South Monte fishery and along with political help we got our fishery.

The pissing match between the QIN and WDF&W staff at the policy level has been going on for years. R6 would put the NT nets in right in front of the QIN week schedule resulting a reduced catch for the tribe so they take more days and inriver Rec & the fish suffered.

Now if your thought is manage to the last paper fish then the consequences are the unholy mess we have in Willapa which does not have tribal fisheries. Things will shake out slowly and somewhere in the future both WDF&W and the QIN will have to manage for escapement.

The relationship with the QIN is multi faceted. Steve Thiesfeld discussed it at the public meeting recently. The state takes more than 50% of Steelhead, has taken (without asking) more of it share of crab, the QIN have provided part of their share of clams to keep the state clam seasons open and the list goes on.

So if ones thought is the state & tribe must split each 50 / 50 for each species covered by court decisions you might be prepared to loose access as we know it to several things. So the dance goes on as this thing shakes out.

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