Ok what we have here is a E mail that Mike sent out from R-6 with a Power Point presentation that will be used in the year end review by Region 6. Those who want it let me know and I will forward it. So right here one must give kudos to Mike & Steve for putting this forward PRIOR to the Commission review. In the past staff did not do this and frankly the blow back was rather strong so kudos to staff for breaking the mold and going for transparency. So I urge everyone to look at the Power Point and provide your thoughts on any or all elements of the presentation to Mike and his e mail address is below.

I have gotten the question already relating to your thoughts be represented. This guys is staff asking for input, which is good, and I urge all to do so. I also urge all to feel free to also comment Directly to the Commission & Director your thoughts on 2015 Salmon seasons and how the GHMP performed. You can work with staff in a positive manner and not sell your soul. Below are comments from a Rec fisher from a CC as an example.

• Page 19 of your power point presentation has the following…”A draft Wynoochee Mitigation plan has been completed, we help for constituents, and submitted to the QIN for review”………… Just doesn’t sound right.

Area of concern, from my point of view

Guiding Principles
Item 7….

“In a manner consistent with conservation objectives, fishing opportunities will be fairly distributed across fishing areas and reflect the diverse interests of WDFW-managed fishers”

This was one of the driving forces in designing the GHMP………Conservation and then to make sure in river fisherpersons had a fair chance. In river includes waters from 101 Bridge, to head waters of the Chehalis and all tributaries.

2015 was another in a long line WDFW structured seasons, where NT, marine sportsmen, had most of their season……..then when Conservation became an issue, shut the whole system down. There are many Chehalis River sportsmen that choose to not fish until the QIN and NT fishers are done with their season,,,,,,,,,,, they did their share for Conservation in 2015, again!!!!!

FROM MIKE & STEVE: Raymond.Scharpf@dfw.wa.gov

Subject: draft 2015 GH salmon management policy review presentation for upcoming WDFW Commission meeting

Hi all,

Attached is a draft presentation reviewing the policy guidance during the 2015 GH salmon season. This will be presented at the WDFW Commission meeting later this month. Please provide constructive feedback. Understand that it was a difficult year, did the Policy provide the guidance it was intended? I appreciate any comments, suggestions, or recommendations.
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in