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I think this is where we are at unfortunately.
The Commission has stated they will not use a outside firm to hire the director after the last debacle. They also have mentioned the internal candidates a lot, and having someone familiar with the situation.
Joe Stohr has already talked about running for Director. He will handle north of falcon, and many fishing issues before the next director is chosen.
This is where Ron Warren will come in, experienced but not responsible for anything.
The commission will be choosing among which dirty diaper smells freshest.

Joe Stohr sat in on a meeting between Greg, myself and Barbra Baker. Joe said the problem with opening up the NOF meetings is because they are Gov't to Gov't. I asked Joe "What government agency is meeting?" He replied "I really don't know...NOAA?"

I was told that Joe Stohr's desk is where problems go to hide, no action.

I cannot express how damaging it would be (in my opinion) to have Ron Warren even continue in his current position, let alone move to Director. Many here on this board have expressed their distrust for Warren. I can tell you from direct experience, he has lied to my face.

There are some serious issues in the senior leadership at WDFW. A house cleaning would be painful, but I believe it is necessary. If Ron Warren and Mike Grossmann remain, the new director will be set up for failure, just as Unsworth was. These two ARE just as responsible of the train wreck we are in as anyone.
"Forgiveness is between them and God. My job is to arrange the meeting."

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