Follow up to the post above:

PDR, personal document request, is in the works !!!!!! I want to know who "from reliable sources, are. I also want to know how these "reliable sources" know that any steelhead caught on the Hoquiam, the Satsop, and the Wishkah came from any Wynoochee planted fish????

I also want to see any documental research that has been done on "straying" in the Chehalis basin.

I would like to know, also, if there is any documental data that change of planting site has eliminated straying?????

My request for the PDR is for the years 2010 - 2017......time will see what comes from this request????

Oh, planting sites on the Wynoochee were never a problem, before 2011. Winter run steelhead have been planted from Black Creek up river, for ever. Summer run plants started in 1978 or 1979, and followed the winter run planting sites. STRAYING was never talked about, at any meeting that I ever attended.....

Can WDFW document that "any straying fish" have spawned in another river???? I do want to see any research on the rivers in question....will be interesting. WDFW can't even document if there is any spawning of summer run in the Wynoochee River, no study that I'm aware of.

Time tells all........hope this PDR moves faster than the 25+ year, $2.4 million, mitigation monies that were/are to be spent for additional Coho Salmon and additional Steelhead in the Wynoochee River......yea, that's right, 25+ years of not getting Tacoma City Light, spent.......grrrrrrrrrr
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