Count our blessings? I'd like to think so but the bigger (and all important) unknown is how does the tribal side respond?

Quoting Riverguy from an earlier post...

I forgot to add that another individual was told by R 6 staff that the CR 102 supplemental for the GH commercial fisheries will be submitted July 3rd. As to the QIN, all I know is that the word is they have a " big disagreement" with the agency.

Pretty easy to surmise what that disagreement is.

So, the scaling back of the NT commercials to 7 days could definitely be a blessing IF the tribe doesn't fill those lost NT days with days of their own above and beyond what they are already planning. If they do, it will be the same obscene net schedule as the last several years with no marked improvement or hope for the in-river fishermen having decent numbers to fish on.