Just when you think it is safe to go in the water, this:

The CES said they were changing the reg from the CR 102 to incorporate G------- request to cut bag from 3-1 and they moved down to 2. However, the CR103P filed with the language didn't have the changes in it and the bag limit remained at 3 in the WAC itself and the pamphlet that had already gone to print. Now, just like they did with Ross's retain one chum problem that is a mirror of this latest event, they use an E-reg to get the WAC rule to reflect the CES and that decision. Here we go again with Dist. 17 staff having problems processing the regulatory paperwork.

Now OK after they violated 4/3 in GH now this in Willapa. Gotta love jobs with no performance standards!
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in