The reduction from 14 days to seven happened at the last Advisory meeting AFTER public participation ended as the sport side Advisers objected in writing to the Commission. In fact when one Adviser brought forward in an Advisory Meeting that the numbers needed to reflect reality Ron Warren responded that " he should be careful what you wish for " and it is on tape you can request it and listen yourself. It was a warning to the Adviser that if you corrected the numbers it would impact the season ( alter / shorten ) the bay sport fishery. Besides will you folks quit listening to what WDF&W says but rather look at what they do. The key thing is R 6 knows the numbers are not correct as the model in the last four four years hugely under estimates the bay sport & NT net impact and over estimates the inriver sport catch shown in the model. The real model impact error over the last four years numbers have been posted in the past on this website and FTC. In addition the mortality on releasing Chinook from the Tangle nets is a joke and the agency knows it. Take a look at it in action as WDF&W's own staff recognized in studies that a warm water estuary is nothing like the Columbia and the release does not work as most of the fish are dead. The idea that there is a reduction from that SWAG ( Wild Ass Scientific Guess ) 45% mortality to a lower percentage is just pure BS and WDF&W knows it. Falsifying math to achieve a harvest scenario is called " cooking the books ".

As I said before if you feel nets 6 to seven days a week are sound management you should be happy. Frankly this is little more than the same shell game that R 6 staff has done for years under the present staffing which have shown and unbelievable ability to utilize facts and numbers they know to be wrong and grossly misrepresent to citizens their ability to participate in the decision process. NOF itself is nothing but a " dog & pony show " and you pick the definition of someone that stands in front of a room full of citizens putting forth information that is completely inaccurate and misleading and they know full well it is. I know what my father called it .

Oh almost forgot, " Count your blessings " ? Nah I for one am not going to accept this load of crap. Opposition to the continuing institutionalized discriminatory policies toward the inland communities / inriver sport by WDF&W Region 6 policies is growing and folks have learned they can object to the CR 102 and the WAC right to the Commission as they adopt and more. It is game on.

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