Thanks. I know the names, and I know who represents each stakeholder, but I still don't know who is accountable for "Co-management decisions" gone wrong. My sense (right or wrong) is that's by design. This way, when mistakes are made (or when rules are "bent"), they can say, "We screwed up." None of those individuals answers to the name "We," so none is held accountable, and all are free to proceed to the next season's dog and pony prediction show, without so much as a slap on the wrist.

I think you got it. You know government agencies staff meet constantly to discus " things " and then form the group consensus on what to do. Now the meetings accomplish little but this, the meetings provide cover to the individual who has the responsibility for the decision. Just find a issue in Grays Harbor that went sideways and ask who and the hell made that decision. Every now and then the folks in mid level ( outside Oly ) will answer as long as your not talking to enforcement but not often. Olympia runs 24 / 7 with the WE bit and frankly I doubt any of them have the stones to be forthright as that is a requirement to be in Oly, keeping your trap shut that is. You walk the company line and keep your trap shut or no advancement. It is never good for someone outside the concrete palace in Oly to tell them something they do not want to hear.

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