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Am I not reading it right, because I don't read what happens between South Elma bridge and Porter. Is it closed or should the line say from South Elma bridge to the high bridge instead of from Porter?


Here is what I have: April 2, 2019

Chehalis River

Lower River(South Elma Bridge) August 1, ---- September 15....This is a fought for "jack fishery".

Lower River(Porter Bridge to 101 Bridge) Sept. 16 - Dec. 31....This is the normal opening... Yes I know there were years where adult Coho were allow before this date... but its not going to happen this year....what we have is a fishery that many enjoy, allow to Dec. 31

Upper River(Porter Bridge upstream) Oct 1 -- Dec 31, covers all the plants in upper basin.

Bottom line....2018, above S. Monty....We lost Sept 16 - Sept 30, only jacks and hatchery Coho, AND the season ended Nov 30.

For those of us that enjoy the Chehalis River fishery, this is a much better season than 2018......yea, I know, Chinook have to be released BUT that is true of all the tributaries that flow into the Chehalis.

Oh, to answer YOUR question, if a person likes to fish between Porter bridge and South Elma bridge....Sept. 16 - Dec. 31 covers that.

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