Rivrguy -
Speaking of Willapa Bay something has been causing me some concern. Thought you might be able to shed some light/suggest.

The concern is as the returns from the Willapa river (forks hatchery) dry up; a couple years down the road how do you see the marine recreational fishers accessing the hatchery Chinook heading to the south bay?

I can see how the early fishing could still be good fishing the waters west of Tokeland; though more problematic for the small boat angler. However as the season moves to the later part of August/early September the historic peak I can help to think the numbers of fish in the protected waters east of Tokeland will be a mere shadow of itself. Accessing those fish building up will involve either making very long runs, using limited and poorly placed launches and more exposure to the weather and worst grass.

It appears to be what has been one of the premier small boat marine Chinook opportunity will be coming to an end in a couple years. Can you provide any hope for us small boaters or is it time to look for alternate fisheries? I thinking I have to be looking out of state (either BC or Montana for trout.