I recently sent this bit to my contact list as Region 6 is seeking feedback ( feedback now guys not blowback) on the following season changes. I cannot get the spread sheet in this but if one would want it fire a PM at me. So here they are the WDF&W staff suggestions on season modifications.

1. Skookumchuck River, delay opening until Oct 16
2. Chehalis River, upstream of Adna, Delay fall opening until Oct. 16
3. Wynoochee River, delay opening until October 1 and extend until (Dec) January 31
4. Newaukum River, delay opening until Oct 16

Number 3 is to protect Wynoochee Fall Chinook but to do so restricts the season for those who fish Coho on the Wynoochee. I requested the Wynoochee Dam trap reports and we still have harvestable fish in January. The Hump, Wishkah, Satsop, and Chehalis close January 31 so my input on that one is OK to the later opening but extend the season to January 31 as in the rest of the streams. What do you think?

Now here is where I really need help. 1,2,& 4 are restrictions to help Spring Chinook in the Chehalis. I am attaching the 2015 Spring Chinook forecast model ( no they do not put the information in the old presentation chart anymore) and hit the tab labeled escapement. Several years of Spring Chinook Escapement by stream are in the sheet so take a look.

The questions to me are :
A. Does this really do something to help Spring Chinook or is this "smoke & mirrors "
B. Does this put a undue burden on the upper basin inriver fisher? October 15th can be rather late some years but this is for the three tribs not the mainstem.

Yes I am very much aware that Region 6 has harvested the heck out of things in the past and then dumped conservation on the inriver fisher. That said I think this is a sincere request. Now I said I think it is a sincere request but more important is what do you guys think. So upper basin guys what do we have here?

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