What we have here ( courtesy Steve Thiesfeld & Mike Scharpf ) are the QIN catch as of last week. Forgive the formatting loss but I have given up on getting 10 different ways of things to agree with PP. Mike is trying to get the info up on the WDFW website so a sneak preview. It looks like the runs as modeled are holding up but the QIN actual catch would have been greater without the early rain. One thing more. The QIN fishers were limited to max 6 1/2 in. mesh and most are using 5 1/2 in. which is a tangle net for Chinook reducing the number of Chinook harvested.

From Steve & Mike:

Just a quick update on the Grays Harbor QIN fishery. As of 10/9 coho catch is 30% above predicted catch is 2A/D and 10% above in 2C. Chinook catch in all areas is about 15% below predictions (so very close to predictions), and chum is too early for any evaluation. Iíve requested mark sampling data, but that hasnít been provided yet.
Catch to date (through wk 41):
2A/D 2C
Predicted Actual Predicted Actual
Coho 21,843 28,569 3,320 3,667
Chinook 4,122 3,525 963 786
Chum 838 486 106 83

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