Any chance we can convince WDFW to adopt the Tribe's predictilator? That would get us all marching to the beat of the same drum, if nothing else, and it seems like it will yield better forecasts.

That the Tribe's model focuses on ocean conditions makes a ton of sense, because that does seem to be, by far, the most important piece of the habitat puzzle. As eyeFISH points out, the 2014 brood was enormous, but even a huge escapement like that is nullified by poor ocean conditions, as we've seen this year. Honestly, while I frequently question how low our current escapement goals are set, I must admit that as low as they are, they can provide good fishing when the ocean cooperates. What's really great is when neither the Tribe nor WDFW predicts a huge return, but we end up getting one. That's what makes for the quality of fishing we all wish we could enjoy more often. It's more than a little frustrating to realize that when we have great fishing in the rivers, it's viewed as a missed opportunity for more commercial harvest.