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The first change I want to point out is on the North Nemah River. Currently there are 4 sections in the pamphlet and the second section (from bridge on Nemah Valley Rd to bridge at Nemah Hatchery) does NOT have salmon rules. This year we are considering splitting that second section into 3 smaller sections and each section will have different rules.

1. Bridge on Nemah Valley Rd. upstream to WDFW property line approx. 1.74 miles
a. Will remain closed to salmon (All Game Fish rules only)
2. WDFW property line upstream approx. 160 feet to the bridge at the Nemah Hatchery
a. Will be for Seniors Only (70 years+), Aug. 16 Jan. 31
3. The bridge at the Nemah Hatchery upstream to the Nemah Hatchery weir
a. Will be for Seniors (70 year+) and ADA access Only, Aug. 16 Jan. 31
b. The 400 foot closed water restriction will be removed.

Also, there are sections on the Willapa River (Hwy 6 upstream to Fork Creek) and Naselle River (Hwy 4 Bridge upstream to hatchery) that did not open for Salmon until September 16th. These fisheries when open during Chinook timing have been problematic in the past. While this model run has these sections open Aug. 16th through January 31st with a 4 fish adult bag, some consideration should be given to reducing this bag limit to a 2 fish adult bag in these sections to try to minimize some of the issues that have occurred in these areas historically. Additionally, the 400ft closed water restriction downstream from the weir on the Naselle River would be changed to 300 feet.

that sort of strikes a nerve with me. these rivers all have fairly lousy bank access, and in the case of the north nemah, the entire section open to salmon fishing is heavily posted private land. the areas with closures are all in the more accessible reaches. they don't mention the "problems" but i'm just assuming it's the snagging that goes on because of lack of enforcement.