Indeed, that 21-pounder is a terrific story. Congrats, Melanie! Can't help but think all that speaking you've done on behalf of the fish at North of Falcon just paid off in coho slabs!

Word on the river is the fishing is slow, but the few fish that are getting caught have been of exceptional size and quality. Seems the Coho run is taking advantage of some temporarily great ocean conditions (and some bait left behind by the dwarf Chinook run) to get its contingent, while probably below average in number, to grow to some exceptional sizes. I've heard multiple tales of 12 pounds plus, which really is exceptional, especially this early. That said, in my sampling, about 1 in 10 is catching a legal fish, so this is definitely not a large run. Makes sense that fewer fish competing for decent amounts of forage should produce some pigs.

If anyone wants my rock, you can have it. I can't make them bite; maybe you can.