Got to get busy before the heat but yes/no
Do the research, they NEVER had any fishing or other trade with the Chehalis.

Ah yes/no. The QIN and the Chehalis tribes are composite as to heritage. At one time we had a Satsop tribe with a reservation but it was moved as was the Ocean Shores tribes. After the Stevens treaty the tribes got bunched up to two reservations at Taholah & Oakville. If I recall correctly the QIN did come to GH but more to forage the land surrounding the bay rather than fish. The coastal tribes were wide ranging hunter gathers that traveled to where they could find whatever food they were pursuing be it seals, whale, fish, or natural plants. Also there were many small groups ( tribes ) that most do not know even existed. Disease brought by the Europeans that the tribes had zero immunity too nearly wiped out many.

The last full blooded Satsop tribal member died of exposure in a ditch near Schafer Park way back. The settlers around at that time just drove right by and let her die. That is how things worked back then.

The Chehalis tribe is non treaty as at the time of the signing one chief shot another in the azz so the Chehalis went home and did not sign. Fuzzy on the details as it was a tribal member who was a story teller ( verbal historical record ) that I learned from but been a few years so if anyone recalls that help out.

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