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It is just sad to see what the WDFW has systematically done to the Washington fisheries over the years and the worse part, it is all in their own records! They are not even hiding the shame anymore!

Took some shaking, thru PDR's, to get WDFW to release information. A classical example of "we are government, we'll do things how we want, and feed the general public, what WE feel they need to know".

Still not sure the upper WDFW management, upper Region personnel and upper Olympia Fish management personnel are getting the message???

Time tells all !!!!!! Wheels of progress, move very slowly. Wynoochee River Dam mitigation is a example.....more than 20 years since a fund was established for Coho and Steelhead. That's 20 years that fish have not been placed in the river, for all to enjoy.

More will be forth coming on Tacoma Public Light, WDFW.....and the $2.4 million that "sits", grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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