How is the Satsop only open below the west fork fair to bank fishermen? Not much access and crowds guys into what little access there is available. I just don't see the logic in shutting down certain stretches of a river. Maybe rivers like the Chehalis that flow into the ocean, but tributaries should be all (at least everything below the hatchery), or nothing. Right now they have the Satsop closed below the west fork, packing everyone into the decker to west fork drift, apparently the state thinks that gives the wild fish a better chance. I think it just lets all the fish get piled up in the small holes and runs from Schafer down to the west fork.

Close the tidal fisheries, when the scales might not be set. Science is inconclusive at best on rod and line mortality on in river fish. One group will tell you a higher number, the other Low. No one really knows. Personally I think it's on the lower side. Anyone who's ever spent much time around a hatchery have seen the chinook with two hooks down their throats and trebles in their back. They made it to the hatchery just fine. Nets are, has been and will always be the problem.

I agree about the wynoochee, no reason why they won't spend that money, unless of course they did, but the state would never do that. I'm not as seasoned as most of you guys on the politics of the fisheries, but it seams pretty cut and dry; they (the state) either have no spine to stand up to the tribal and commercial interests, or they are being paid off. But again, that doesn't happen in politics or any level of government, move along, nothing to see here.