This bit below is from Barb at R-6 updating things for folks. Now for those that do not track things all the time the link to the website has all of the NOF GH & Willapa documents up ( I think ) to look at.


Hi Everyone, We wanted to send you the final version of the 2017 Willapa Bay Planning Model before we file the CR-102.

That Excel file is attached.

Iíve sent the model to Olympia to be posted on the same webpage we have used all season.
Here is the link in case youíve lost it: Willapa Bay and Grays Harbor North of Falcon | Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

Just an fyi, the agency recently switched to Windows 10 so if you have a problem opening the attached file that might be the problem but Iím unaware of any reasons why that might happen.

We are planning on filing the CR-102ís on May 24th. Once that happens, I will send out information (date, time and location) regarding the Coastal Freshwater, Marine (Areas 1 Ė 4 including WB Marine Area 2.1 and GH Marine Area 2.2) and Commercial Public Hearings (they are separate).

You will be able to submit written comments to the Rules Coordinator at any time once we file the CR-102ís and attend the public hearing to provide comments if you choose.
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in