Catching up time. Region 6 is going through the drought exercise also. In a conference call with the GH Advisers that wanted to participate the issue was aired out. Long and short of it we are running just above record lows and on the Olympic side below as no snow pack. Water temperatures punched to 74 in the upper basin but we got to 72 in tidewater. This morning the cool weather had the river setting on 69.5 in tidewater which is helpful.

A couple of dead fish have been seen ( salmon ) but no massive die off or anything and to be honest this is normal for the Chehalis Basin except ( ah yeah the except thing ) we are running about 5 or 6 weeks early. The conditions we have now are what is usually in August.

The extended forecast does not have much rain but temperatures look to be hanging out at normal or below. The coast will run low but it looks as if appears we are in the no rain but marine air thing which makes for typical coastal weather. Inland warmer but not that much above or below average. So we wait and watch.
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in