I just want to go back and reflect on the effort that was brought forward by the Commission at the time on this Policy.

There were DOZENS of meetings (more than that) HUNDREDS of hours devoted to this, an UNTOLD amount of public comment and staff time put into this...

And now I sit here and I kind of get the sense that YOU want US to come down and manage the DAMN fishery!

That's the feeling I get.

You KNOW what the Policy says, we're sitting up here and thinking we could probably make some adjustments and tweek it....

BUT.... when I was gainfully employed and had a bunch of employees, the one thing I didn't want them to do was come to me and always give me reasons why things DON'T get done... CAN'T get done.

Come to me with solutions on how to make things work!

So I'll shut up now, but that's the feeling I get, and it bothers me a GREAT deal.