After running through my e mail I can put forth the following as pretty much right on.

1. WDF&W is still trying to have further conversations regarding the 2014 seasons but the QIN has pretty much put their cards on the table. One must remember that the QIN court mandates require them to manage to 50% harvestable across the bar. Escapements goals are for the basin and the QIN has no responsibility to manage down to the goal of each tributary reaching the escapement goal just the basin and the Humptulips is in the Chehalis Basin or Grays Harbor numbers. My view as to the new management plan excluding QIN participation is BS as the QIN could have participated at the Commission level but CHOSE NOT TO. They would prefer a behind closed door deal with WDF&W with no pier review or public scrutiny. Hell WDF&W has refused to provide the proposed QIN seasons for 2014 so this secrecy bit is both of them not just the QIN.

2. Humptulips hatchery funding that the QIN & WDF&W are working on is still in limbo.

3. Wynoochee Mitigation is still a issue. In 2010 the QIN's Ed Johnstone called BS on a revised plan that WDF&W put together which basically dropped out the additional mitigation production. WDF&W has been claiming that the QIN are holding things up and yes that may be true but Thank God or we would have truly had Region 6 running a muck. Now that the Commission has said the issue must be resolved by September so they need to go at it and get it done but not out of the public eye with WDF&W using some so called Technical Committee as a license to raid the mitigation funds.

4. With the passing of Billy Frank the QIN is pretty much looking inside to tribal functions honoring one of their leaders so not much is going to happen for a couple of weeks or so.
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in